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Candy        Canine Cancer Campaign

Nancy Clark’s (MAF Staff Member) American Eskimo Dog, Candy, was diagnosed with liver cancer in June 2007. Candy’s “parents” opted for surgery knowing full well that their little old dog might not make it through. With the excellent care of the team at the Animal Emergency and Specialty Center in Parker, CO, Candy pulled through with flying colors. The surgeon removed a softball sized tumor from this little dog’s liver.

Despite her advanced age of 15 years, partial blindness and deafness, Candy still manages an enthusiastic dance for her dinner. She now has a cancerous tumor on her right front leg, not as aggressive or life threatening as the liver cancer, but a nuisance that she puts up with admirably. Her “Eskie Smile” is still her most frequent expression. Nancy formed the Morris Animal Foundation Team for the Estes Park K9K in honor of her little fighter, Candy.

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Team Members:

Tom Baptiste
Nancy Kay Clark
Tish Czachor
Serena & Ray Everett
Christy Oakes
Gloria Davidson
Brenda and Hector Lopez
Molly Maloy
David and Shirely Martinez
Darcy Nelson
Dr. Patricia Olson
Janice Peterson
Tobie McPhail
Paul and Susan Raybould
David Riggs

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